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  • South Africa has registered more than one million covid-19 cases. read more
7 months ago Nepal

China trying to restore Nepalese Communist Party

by Apurba Dhakal

After the political crisis where the house got dissolved by prime minister KP Oli...Read More

7 months ago Africa

South Africa has registered more than one million covid-19 cases.

by Apurba Dhakal

After the confirmation of the new covid-19 variant the cases of Covid-19 in South...Read More

7 months ago Breaking

First case of new corona virus variant found in France

by Apurba Dhakal

       France has found a new case of more contagious coronavirus variant...Read More

7 months ago Asia

China biodegradable plastic production failing to stop plastic pollution.

by Apurba Dhakal

China being the world largest country to produce plastic is now having difficulty in...Read More

7 months ago Nepal

First truck of vaccine in USA and Nepalese still should take precautions seriously

by Apurba Dhakal

With America’s covid cases rising everyday and has reached upto 16.2 million ,U.S.A releases...Read More

8 months ago Australia

Sandeep lamichanee goes up on ICC raking

by Apurba Dhakal

Sandeep lamichanee climbs one position up in T20I men’s ranking done by International Cricket...Read More

8 months ago Nepal

Nepal Rastra Bank pacing ahead to online payment

by Apurba Dhakal

With modernization moving at a fast pace Nepal rastra bank is planning to move...Read More

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